Health empowerment mentoring

This is a bespoke opportunity to explore your health at the nexus of both the micro (scientific) + the macro (spiritual) understanding of the human.

A uniquely empowering and holistic approach to your state of well-being.


This mentorship is designed to provide you with a profound sense of education, understanding and direction.  Alongside this re-discovered vitality, you will also leave with a comprehensive medicine + lifestyle roadmap toward your ultimate state of health.


Shannon is a qualified  herbalist, nutritionist and teacher and life-long student of humanity + soul. She has an expansive background working inside the contemporary medicine system and approaches this work through both a scientific and highly intuitive, energetic based lens.

Not sure you need a full consultation ?

Image by Javier Allegue Barros

Express call 

This offering is for those who are steady on their own path + yet perhaps have a persistent question they would like to explore or a simple acute illness they would like advice on.

In our 30mins together we will dive straight to the crux of your health issue and work efficiently to answer your query fully and provide a concise roadmap back to equilibrium.

The offering will take shape through Shannons bespoke standard approach of intuitive, energetic and scientific herbal medicine and nutrition advice.

Image by Javier Allegue Barros