Welcome to Apothecary of Beare

A nexus of Herbal medicine, Human stories and self- exploration.

Apothecary of Beare is the hub of herbal education, 1:1 herbal + nutritional health consultations and a journey into the mind

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Holistic herbalist 


Ever-curious anthropologist

Creative wordsmith


Ultimately, this small corner of the internet is home to not only my own health mentoring practice as a fully qualified + highly intuitive herbalist and nutritionist but to a treasure trove of insights, education and community connections...


Instagram @theapothecaryofbeare is where I explore intervals of plant personas, medicine and conscious musings.

The "journal" is an Aladdin's cave of raw + gritty prose: explored as they unfold in the collective and my own soul.

Collective resources are tucked in under 'community' for personal reference + medicinal education.

Deeper and more thorough educational resources are found to purchase under 'shop': these keepsakes guide you on your own journey, interlocking

alternative + orthodox views.


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